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Conveyor Pulley Fabrication for Australian Mines

There are many conveyor pulley fabrication options available for mining sites, including hot vulcanised pulley lagging and cold bond lagging.


For decades, the skilled team at H.E.M.E in Emerald, QLD has been assisting some of the largest mining companies in Australia with their machining and fabrication needs.

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What is NDT Testing?

Here at H.E.M.E in Emerald, one of the key services we provide is NDT testing. To help you form a clearer understanding of NDT testing, particularly what it means within the civil engineering sector, our experienced team has put together a comprehensive guide below.

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Hot Vulcanising V.S. Cold Bonding

Here at H.E.M.E in Emerald, we are proud to be one of the only companies offering hot vulcanising outside of the Brisbane region.

We have compiled an explanation of both rubber lagging techniques to help you better understand which may best suit your requirements.

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QDS implements in mining

Here at H.E.M.E. in Emerald, we understand the crucial role that quick detach systems play in the mining industry. Below, our team of experts has put together a quick refresher explaining QDS is and their importance within the mining industry.

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