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What Are the Types of Structural Fabrication in QLD?

Structural fabrication refers to industrial processes that involve the cutting and bending of steel into products, which can be used in a wide range of applications. Structural steel specialists use various combination and alloys to create steel structures which can be assembled into building, components, industrial equipment and even tools.

At H.E.M.E, our team specialises in painting and sandblasting as well as fabrication of heavy steel for mining, agriculture and the civil engineering sector. We also offer maintenance and overhaul of existing fabrications. Read on to find out more about fabricated steel and why it plays an important role in Australian industries. 


Stages of Steel Fabrication 

H.E.M.E provides clients with award winning steel fabrication facilities for complex industrial projects. 


Expert fabricators cut through steel using special equipment that helps them to saw or chisel. They use plasma torches, water cutters and laser cutters to perform these tasks in a safe, controlled, contamination free environment. 


Cutting is typically followed by bending. Steel alloys are either hammered or bent using machinery. The heaviness of the steel and the amount of bending required will determine the extent to which machinery is required. 


Assembling refers to how the structural steel will be combined to create the final product. This involves the use of different welding techniques, which apply heat to joints and allow them to be fused together. 

Heavy Structural Steel Fabrication Professionals in Queensland 

Contact H.E.M.E for a wide range of steel fabrication services. We provide facilities for painting and sandblasting, plasma cutting, section rolls, plate rollers and automatic saws for all heavy and light plate work. 


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