Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs in Queensland: Signs Your Equipment Needs Attention

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs in Queensland: Signs Your Equipment Needs Attention

Hydraulic cylinders play a vital role in a range of sectors, from engineering to agriculture, manufacturing and civil construction. They are essential components in specialised precision machinery as well as common heavy machinery such as excavators, loaders and backhoes.

Like all engineering equipment, hydraulic cylinder repair is eventually required as frequent use leads to wear and tear. H.E.M.E specialises in hydraulic cylinder repairs in Queensland, using our expertise to rapidly restore your operations. Minimise unplanned downtime by paying attention to the following signs and getting in touch for prompt repair services.

Fluid Leaks

If you see fluid pooling or leaking under the gland or on the piston rod, it’s a sign repairs are needed. Leakage can result from worn seals on the piston or internal damage to the piston or barrel. Fluid leaks can occur due to wear and tear over time or due to fluid contamination. Dirt and debris can accumulate on components and start to clog the filters, causing fluid to leak past the rods and piston seals. Regardless of the root cause, a hydraulic cylinder repair expert can determine the reason for the leakage and address it.

Eroded or Broken Seals

Hydraulic cylinders contain a number of deals designed to prevent leaks and stop contaminants from entering components. Seals get damaged over time with wear and tear, poor installation, exposure to extreme temperatures, and exposure to harsh and abrasive chemicals or fractures. Check your seals regularly for wear and corrosion. Without prompt hydraulic cylinder repair services, eroded and broken seals can lead to complete failure with leaks starting to occur while contaminants begin entering the hydraulic cylinder. 

Loud Banging Noises

If you notice any loud and unpleasant knocking or banging noises, like a jackhammer, it’s a sign something is wrong. Hydraulic cylinders should operate quietly. Any strange noises can indicate the presence of air bubbles within the hydraulic fluid or cylinder, which will eventually cause malfunctions and failure. This can happen when insufficient fluid causes pressure to decrease, which in turn results in fluid vaporising. When the pressure returns, a sudden cavity collapse creates a loud banging noise. Left unaddressed, seals can be damaged and fluid contaminants, causing additional problems. To avoid the issue, contact us for expert hydraulic cylinder repairs in Queensland.

Contact Us for Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs in Queensland

If you notice any of these issues with your hydraulic cylinders, contact the team at H.E.M.E. As specialists in engineering equipment, we can provide fast and effective diagnosis and repair services. Call us today on 07 4982 3001  or contact us online.


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