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Quality Engineering Solutions: What Is Metal Machining?

Metal machining is a specialised field of fabrication that includes all techniques that remove and shape metal materials for specific uses. This process is commonly used in the manufacture of equipment parts, infrastructural components and other aspects of industrial work. In this article, H.E.M.E covers the various methods of metal machining seen in Australia such as turning, drilling and milling. 

What is Metal Machining? 

When it comes to the heavy metal fabrication processes, metal machining is one that requires a lot of precision and skill. 


One such technique is drilling, which involves the use of a high powered rotary tool and a drill bit that is durable enough to create a perfect circular hole. Drilling is widely used in construction, medical equipment manufacturing, transportation and electronic equipment design.


Turning is a technique that uses a clamp to hold the metal object in place and rotate it at a high speed, whilst a cutting tool, moving in a linear motion, removes metal from the surface as required. Turning is used to create cylindrical shapes and can be performed manually, or with a CNC turning machine for extreme precision. Turning is a heavy metal fabrication technique that is used to make crankshafts, furniture legs and cylinders for agriculture, food and beverage and more. 


Milling is a technique that uses multi-point tools that are designed to progressively cut and remove material until the right shape is achieved; it’s often used when making intricate gears, grooves in workpieces and machining complex metal products. During this process, either the metal piece, or the cutting tool remain clamped and stationary, or both the piece and tool may move together. Milling is a versatile process that can be used for finishing as well as end-to-end metal fabrication in Emerald.

Industrial Grade Metal Fabrication in Emerald

Since 1997, H.E.M.E has been a trusted name for high-quality metal fabrication, sandblasting, precision machining and hydraulic cylinder design. No matter how complex your metalworking needs may be, we have the equipment and knowhow to provide custom solutions at competitive prices. Contact us online for personalised services for metal fabrication in Emerald. 


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