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Choosing Repair vs. Replacement for Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are a vital component in the industrial industry, used to convert pressurised fluid into linear motion and force. To keep these in working order, regular maintenance and repair is required, but at what stage should they be replaced? Our team in Emerald is a leader in of hydraulic cylinder repair in Queensland and across Australia, contributing to the efficiency of earth moving equipment. 


To keep hydraulic cylinders in machinery working optimally, it's integral to invest in regular maintenance. Recognising potential problems before they arise will save you money further down the track as well as prevent such problems becoming severe. Repairing leaks, unusual noises and slow operation of cylinders can be conducted by a professional. The team at H.E.M.E possesses the expertise to conduct inspection and hydraulic cylinder repairs, by diagnosing and fixing problems, saving you time and money. 


Although maintenance and repairs are recommended for the best operation of hydraulic cylinders, sometimes replacement is the most suitable choice. Depending on the severity and location of the damage, it can be more reasonable to replace the entire cylinder. Such causes can include leakage, rod damage and barrel damage. At H.E.M.E we can assist you if you need hydraulic cylinder repairs or replacement, reducing further wear and getting your machinery back to its optimal performance sooner. 

H.E.M.E and Hydraulic Cylinders

Proper maintenance and repairs are essential for optimising the performance of hydraulic cylinders in machinery. At H.E.M.E, we ensure that minor problems are identified to prevent further issues arising and relying on the professionals will ensure that the service is completed to the highest level of accuracy and quality. Rather than waiting for your hydraulic cylinders to wear out or show signs of failure, get in touch with the team at H.E.M.E for an important maintenance check and catch any issues before they escalate. Book yourself in for a hydraulic cylinder repair in Queensland today. 

To book a hydraulic cylinder repair in Queensland, get in touch with the team at H.E.M.E by contacting us online or calling us on 07 4982 3001.


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