The Importance of Quality Agricultural Solutions in Queensland

The Importance of Quality Agricultural Solutions in Queensland

Australia’s agricultural industry depends on metal fabrication and agricultural machinery services in order to keep their operations running smoothly. H.E.M.E. has provided quality agricultural solutions in Queensland since 1997, assisting across design, fabrication, machining and manufacturing.

Driving Efficiencies With Agricultural Machinery Maintenance

Strong, reliable and up to date equipment is key to success in the farming sector. Agricultural machinery such as harvesters, tractors, combiners, silos sprayers and grain bins rely on industry partners like H.E.M.E for custom fabricated parts, repairs, scheduled maintenance and replacement for worn components.

By working closely with industries across the sectors, such as crop farming, livestock management and horticulture, providers of agricultural solutions play an important role in maximising performance and efficiency in high-demand environments. Precision machining and engineering services tailored to your specific requirements ensure you receive the precise solutions you need. 

Benefit from Specialised Knowledge

Throughout our years of experience providing agricultural solutions, we have refurbished a range of agricultural machinery and equipment, including shafts, pulleys, pins, bushes, sleeves, disc ploughs and pumps. We bring extensive knowledge and industry experience to support your agricultural operations, whether you need heavy metal fabrication and design, hydraulic repairs or any modifications to suit your requirements.

Custom Metal Fabrication for Agriculture

Harvesting is a time-sensitive operation, making access to the right machinery crucial for success. Custom metal fabrication helps farmers increase yields while minimising operating expenses. When agricultural machinery and equipment are custom fabricated, they can be made lighter to reduce weight and boost productivity in the field.

Custom metal fabrication ensures your equipment is best placed to endure the rigours of farming, extending the lifespan of parts. We can custom-design standardised parts with full computer-aided design and modelling with the ability to easily reproduce any part you require in future for quick, hassle-free repairs. Components can also be fabricated to withstand the specific harsh elements found in Queensland, improving corrosion resistance.

Discover Our Agricultural Solutions in Queensland

Locally owned and operated in Queensland, H.E.M.E. provides award-winning engineering solutions for the agricultural sector. We have large machining, heavy metal fabrication, sandblasting, painting and CNC plasma cutter facilities to support custom services with rapid turnaround times. Whatever your needs, call us today on 07 4982 3001  or contact us online to learn more.


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