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Why Professionals Sandblast Before Painting in Queensland

When you’re dealing with agricultural containers, machinery and earth moving equipment, it’s important to know how to care for them properly. To keep them looking in top condition, experts recommend sandblasting structures and machinery before painting. H.E.M.E in Central Highlands can give you advice on how to get started with sandblasting. Contact us today.


What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting, or blast cleaning, shoots high-velocity abrasive particles from a jetstream of compressed air to remove mill-scale and rust from steel surfaces, protecting them from damage and keeping them looking pristine. This is the most comprehensive method of blast-cleaning to prepare machinery for painting. 


Benefits of Sandblasting Before Painting

There are many reasons to do painting and sandblasting, whether for large structures or for your agricultural machinery. Sandblasting removes contaminants like rust from steel surfaces to prepare them for painting. Without this, there could be problems with paint adhesion and possibly ruin the integrity of the surface. Sandblasting is a safe and cost-effective method of surface preparation. It is more efficient than handwashing and power tools, and some of the abrasive material that is removed can be recycled. If you get the job done by professionals with the right training and equipment, the process is simple, safe and quick.


How We Can Help

H.E.M.E in Central Highlands has everything you need for professional-grade painting and sandblasting. Whether you need this service done for agricultural machinery, earth moving equipment or anything else, we are happy to help. Our workshop is equipped with purpose-built sheds that have the necessary ventilation for surface preparation and painting of all kinds. The H.E.M.E team are fully trained and equipped with the proper protective gear. Our experience and proficiency with these methods mean that you’re saving time and money that you would otherwise be spending by attempting to blast-clean your machinery yourself.


Call H.E.M.E. on 07 4982 3001 or contact us online to get a quote for quality sandblasting services in Central Highlands.


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