Here at H.E.M.E. in Emerald, one of the key services we provide is NDT testing. To help you form a clearer understanding of NDT testing, particularly what it means within the civil engineering sector, our experienced team has put together a comprehensive guide below.

What is NDT Testing?

Non-destructing testing, more commonly referred to as NDT testing, is an inspection technique used to analyse materials or systems that may be defective. This inspection is all completed without causing any damage to the original part. NDT testing can involve a range of inspection methods that both evaluate and collect data. You might have also heard of non-destructive testing referred to as non-destructive evaluation (NDE) or non-destructive inspection (NDI).


NDT testing is often used for:

  • Improving the reliability of parts & products
  • Preventing accidents
  • Reducing production costs
  • In-service inspections

NDT Testing Technologies and the Testing Process

Over the years, many new techniques and technologies have been introduced to make the NDT testing process simpler while also creating more accurate results. The key feature of NDT testing is that there are no adverse effects on the structure or the materials that are tested. For this reason, there are always new techniques and technologies being introduced to ensure an even less destructive process than before.


The NDT testing technologies used here at H.E.M.E. include:

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (dye penetrant) – This type of non-destructive testing is used to detect surface and subsurface discontinuities that can be present in certain types of materials such as nickel and iron.
  • Ultrasonic Testing – This NDT testing technique uses high-frequency sound waves to inspect the internal structure of a piece of material. This test may be used on a range of materials, including metals, composites and plastics.

These forms of NDT testing become useful in many situations. For example, welding work may be tested to determine if any underlying cracks are present. By using the latest and most reliable non-destructive testing processes such as magnetic particle inspection and ultrasonic testing, the client can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they won’t be faced with unexpected problems down the track.

H.E.M.E. & NDT Testing

Here at H.E.M. E. in Emerald, we regularly provide our NDT testing services for civil engineering applications throughout the surrounding QLD regions. For more information on NDT testing or any of the other services provided by our skilled team, be sure to get in touch with us today on 07 4982 3001.