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What Does a Diesel Fitter Do for Mines in Queensland?

Australian mining is a billion-dollar industry that employs thousands of professionals. Their main responsibility is to extract essential commodities like minerals, coal and various metals from the ground. These commodities are used in numerous industries that we rely on daily, from energy production to jewellery, electronics and more. 

At H.E.M.E, we support the mining industry by advising and providing heavy metal fabrication facilities to help professionals extract, haul and transport these materials. The equipment required to meet the extreme demands of mining must be extremely powerful, effective and relatively easy to maintain. In the mining industry, highly trained fitters are the individuals who keep these machines running even under difficult conditions. 


The Role of an Expert Diesel Fitter

Diesel fitting professionals specialise in the repair and maintenance of diesel engines on mining sites. Diesel engines typically have a higher torque output, which makes them ideal for moving heavy loads of rock and iron ore. Diesel is also a low-cost fuel, which makes these engines the most suitable for mining equipment

Diesel engines are found in nearly every kind of machine found on a mining site. This means that a diesel fitting professional is an extremely important part of any successful mining operation. They are responsible for performing regular maintenance checks on all diesel-powered machinery and are experts at fixing and repairing machines when they break down. On a large mining site, it is normal to have multiple diesel fitters working at the same time to keep heavy equipment running.


Diesel Fitter Skills

Diesel fitters perform the following tasks: 

  • Diagnosing, repairing and maintaining diesel engines for trucks, tractors, bulldozers and more.
  • Maintaining and repairing hydraulic components of lifts, booms, pumps and buckets.
  • Welding using MIG and TIG techniques to replace or repair parts.
  • Testing parts to ensure proper performance.
  • Using a range of specialised tools to diagnose and repair faults.
  • Following all workplace regulations to ensure safety and compliance. 


Heavy Metal Fabrication Facilities for Mining in QLD

For world-class engineering solutions in the mining, civil and agriculture industries, look no further than H.E.M.E. Our clients rely on us for quick, efficient solutions for all fabrication and repair requirements in Queensland. Contact us today to speak to our team of experts in Bowen Basic. 


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