Earthmoving equipment. Aerial view of large construction site with several earthmover machines.

Different Types of Earthmoving Vehicles in Queensland

Earthmoving vehicles are heavy-duty vehicles specially designed for large scale construction and earth removal operations. The equipment allows operators to move large amounts of earth for digging foundations and landscaping purposes. In this blog, H.E.M.E explores the most common earth moving equipment used in mining, agriculture and other industries. 



An excavator is a popular earth moving equipment option which moves on tracks or wheels based on the requirement. It has an upper body which allows the operator to rotate 360 degrees while seated in a cab from where hydraulic arms can be operated. 

Excavators are among the most essential machines found on a construction site. They are versatile and are manufactured by a number of world-renowned brands in various sizes and configurations. The versatility of an excavator is greatly boosted by the wide range of attachments available, making it popular for many different industrial projects

Excavators are capable of: 

  • Loading large objects
  • Lifting materials with a sling attachment
  • Backfilling
  • Digging trenches quickly and effectively
  • Rock breaking with a hydraulic hammer attachment
  • Pipe laying
  • Compacting of materials 


Wheel Loader

A wheel loader is fitted with a front mounted bucket which is connected to two “arms” also known as booms. The bucket is designed to be removable and has a large capacity for carrying heavy loads.  

A wheel loader has a cab from where an operator drives the machine. Wheel loaders are used for loading material on other vehicles or for moving material from one point to another.

Wheel loaders are ideal for: 

  • Mixing large amounts of material
  • Spreading topsoil in agricultural settings
  • Drilling holes with an auger attachment
  • Lifting different kinds of material
  • Cutting and boxing
  • Backfilling and stockpiling

Wheel loaders are used with a wide range of attachments to make them extremely versatile for a number of industrial applications. 


Backhoe Loader

A backhoe loader is fitted with a front mounted bucket and rear-mounted loader and bucket. It has a loader bucket on the front which is controlled by a boom and stick. A backhoe loader is an excavator and loader in one machine. The front machine is used for load and push material while the back is used as earth moving equipment. 

A backhoe loader is commonly used for: 

  • Backfilling
  • Digging trenches
  • Breaking of rocks with hydraulic attachments
  • Lifting heavy objects and materials
  • Landscaping purposes
  • Cutting, boxing of materials 


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