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Common Challenges in Diesel Fitting and How to Overcome Them

Mining in Australia is a billion-industry that extracts commodities from the ground, which are used in numerous other industries every day. The team at H.E.M.E support the mining industry through fabrication and repair of mining equipment, onsite lagging and investment in machinery to service shutdowns and maintenance. When it comes to the mine site, diesel fitters are an essential part of the team and this role can present many challenges which are important to overcome to continue the successful operation of a mine site.

Expert Diesel Fitter

A vital member in the successful operation of a mining site is a diesel fitter. These professionals are responsible for repairing and maintaining diesel engines, which are found in most vehicles on a mine site. Regular maintenance checks are required to avoid breakdowns and keep these powerful machines running day to day. When problems arise with diesel engines, an expert diesel fitter should be the first point of call for a professional service and to fit and repair any problems.


The role of diesel fitting presents many challenges, due to its demanding and sometimes dangerous nature. Diesel fitters are faced with physical strain and discomfort due to the handling of heavy parts, reaching into small places and exposure to hot materials. Working in close proximity to diesel fuel and extreme weather conditions also pose a risk, however in a mine site that takes precautions to prioritise diesel fitter safety and reduce hazards, many of these challenges can be avoided.

H.E.M.E. and Diesel Fitting

The team at H.E.M.E offer world-class engineering and mining solutions in Emerald, QLD. You can rely on our expert team of professionals for quick, efficient solutions in fabrication, diesel fitting and repair requirements. We specialise in heavy metal fabrication, helping mine sites function optimally and keeping equipment well maintained. To learn more about how the team at H.E.M.E. supports the mining industry in Australia, get in touch with our team today.

If you would like to learn more about the role of a diesel fitter or how H.E.M.E contributes to the mining industry, you can contact us online or call us today on 07 4982 3001.


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