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Guide to Agricultural Machinery Maintenance Queensland

In this blog, the team at H.E.M.E in Queensland explain how to properly maintain your machinery.


1. Organise Documents

When you own any farming equipment, including agricultural machinery and earth moving equipment, it’s important to keep all documentation like receipts, manuals, warranties and service records. 


2. Perform Regular Oil Changes

Your agricultural machinery needs regular servicing to keep them in good condition. Change your oil, check oil filters and replace them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 


3. Lubricate Moving Parts

With frequent work, moving parts fall victim to wear-and-tear. That’s why it’s important to lubricate these parts to keep them moving smoothly.


4. Check Hitches and Tires

Inspect hitching and tires on your earth moving equipment and other machinery, checking for rust and dirt. Always have a spare tire. 


5. Inspect Lights and Batteries

Test your break, signal and other lights to make sure they work properly. Also check your battery for corrosion, as this can lead to the vehicle stalling. 


6. Calibrate Special Equipment

Thermometers, scales, metal detectors and other special equipment are very important for ag solutions work. Check and recalibrate them regularly to keep them accurate and safe.


7. Keep Machinery Clean

While everything on a farm is bound to get dirty, frequently brushing or washing away debris will protect your machinery from damage and prevent staining and rust. 


8. Inspect for Damage

Farming equipment is made to be tough and resistant, but they can still be badly damaged. Checking for damage after every use is good practise. 


9. Store Equipment Indoors

Wherever possible, store your equipment in a shed or garage. This is the best way to protect it from the elements. If indoor storage is not an option, then tarps can be placed over it. 


Avoiding Customising or Modifying

While it may be tempting to try and “fix” machinery yourself, you need a professional to perform these repairs. Today’s vehicles have complicated parts that need specific care not to damage. Always seek a professional opinion.


If you need advice on AG solutions or scheduled maintenance for your agricultural machinery, call H.E.M.E. on 07 4982 3001 or contact us online to get a quote.


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