Conveyor Pulley Fabrication for Australian Mines

There are many conveyor pulley fabrication options available for mining sites, including hot vulcanised pulley lagging and cold bond lagging.


For decades, the skilled team at H.E.M.E in Emerald, QLD has been assisting some of the largest mining companies in Australia with their machining and conveyor pulley fabrication needs. Throughout this time, we have become specialists in conveyor pulley fabrication and overhaul. Making use of both hot vulcanising rubber and ceramic lagging, we have developed a deep understanding of some of the common challenges faced by Australian mine sites, such as:

  • Debonding from the shell
  • End edge lifting
  • Separation and lifting at the joints between lagging strips

Our expert team has put together a comprehensive summary below outlining the different types of lagging services provided by H.E.M.E.

Hot Vulcanised Pulley Lagging and Cold Bond Lagging Explained

When compared to cold bond lagging, the hot vulcanised alternative provides many advantages. This is particularly relevant when the pulleys are required to be stored for extended periods in undesirable corrosive conditions.


Hot vulcanised conveyor pulley lagging provides a better level of adhesion between the lagging and pulley shell. It also works to eliminate joins found between lagging strips and on the ends.


When directly comparing cold bond lagging to hot vulcanising, you will find pros and cons for both. Determining the most suitable option will come down to the specific needs of the mine site. This will include the location, access available, and adhesive strength requirements.


If you need further assistance understanding the different conveyor pulley options available and finding the most appropriate solution, be sure to ask the team at H.E.M.E. We specialise in pulley fabrication and will be more than happy to assist.

How to Avoid CONVEYOR Pulley Deterioration

When coveyor pulleys are held in storage for extended periods, it’s very common for deterioration to occur. This is why the team at H.E.M.E has developed a combined pulley cradle and all-weather cover.


This cover may be used while the pulley is in storage in both indoor and outdoor locations, making it ideal for Australian mining sites. With hinged sides, you can easily inspect the pulley when needed. Consideration of the pulley sweating in humid conditions has also been accommodated with ventilation.

The Pulley Services Provided by H.E.M.E

When opting for conveyor pulley fabrication from the specialists at H.E.M.E, you will be met with personalised service. We provide quick turnaround times and react promptly to potential breakdowns. As an approved Elastotec applicator of hot vulcanised lagging, as well as offering cold bond lagging options, we are your one-stop-shop for all things pulley fabrication.


If you have a conveyor pulley fabrication enquiry, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team in Emerald today at 07 4982 3001.

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