A tractor pulls a disc harrow system implement to smooth over a dirt field in preparation for planting in central California

What Are Examples of Farm Implements in Queensland?

Modern agriculture has advanced in leaps and bounds in the last few decades to provide farmers with an unprecedented level of mechanical efficiency. The wide range of ag solutions now available make it easier for farmers to perform complex tasks with less labour and on a larger scale. In this blog, H.E.M.E discusses the types of agricultural machinery and ag implements used in Australian agriculture. 



Tractors are a mainstay in the farming world and come in a wide variety. They are versatile machines which, in the right hands, can be used for complex farming requirements. Tractors are mainly used for pulling large loads, but when used with attachments, become capable of executing many other tasks. 

Types of tractors include: 

Compact Tractors 

A compact tractor is an essential piece of agricultural machinery because it is small, high-powered and capable of carrying out difficult tasks. The advantage of these tractors is that they can be used for material handling and are easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

Wheeled Tractors 

Wheeled tractors are general purpose ag implements that are designed to meet a variety of agricultural demands. They are used for material handling, pulling equipment and come in a range of horsepower and lifting capacity options.  


Harvesters, or combines, are used by farmers to harvest different types of crops in an efficient way. Combines use a complex system of belts, gears and wheels to process crops into grain, thereby greatly reducing labour with the help of world-class engineering.

A combine performs the following functions: 


A harvester gathers crops and pushes them towards a cutter bar that cuts the crop at the base. 


The threshing drum beats the cut crops until the grains become separated from the stalk. 


The threshing drum also helps separate the light chaff from the grain by using special sieves.


ATVs or UTVs are four wheeled machines which are designed to move across difficult, unforgiving terrain with ease. They can access difficult to reach places on a farm and can be used with a wide range of attachments such as trailers, spreaders and mowers. 

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