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How Do You Fix a Leaking Hydraulic Cylinder?

H.E.M.E is a locally owned engineering company in Queensland providing Bowen Basic clients with world-class engineering solutions in the mining, agricultural and civil sector. We offer a wide range of facilities for large machining, heavy metal fabrication, painting and plasma cutting to our clients. Our team of 19 experienced local professionals ensures that every process is carried out to the highest standards in a quick, efficient manner. 


Challenges in Hydraulic Cylinder Design

Although hydraulics technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the years, there are certain challenges that require supervision to ensure safety and performance. Leaks are a common issue in hydraulic systems and while leak free fittings do make a difference, the problem can arise at any time and must be addressed. 

Worn out seals are often the culprit because they cannot be detected immediately. Hydraulic leaks do not lead to catastrophic failure, which makes them difficult to spot because they often manifest as slow leaks. The team at H.E.M.E is always on hand to help repair hydraulic leaks for industrial clients. 


How to Conduct Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

Hydraulic cylinder repairs require trained specialists who have the appropriate hydraulic motor repair kit for the job. Our specialists ensure that the part numbers of the current system accurately match the part numbers for the new system. 

Components in a hydraulic system are heavy and powerful. Safety must be a top priority as mistakes can lead to severe injury. 

Once all the pressure has been released from the cylinder, the technician will unscrew the glad on the cylinder to pull out the piston rod from the motor. This component is sensitive to dust and debris and must be kept in a clean place. 

After the piston rod has been replaced, it becomes possible to unscrew the retaining bolt, at which point it is recommended that the technician take a photo or record exactly the order in which the parts were disassembled. 

Always consult the assembly diagram provided with the rebuild kit if possible, ensuring that every component is adequately lubricated after the cylinder is reinstalled. Start the machine again and conduct detailed tests to find leaks that were overlooked. 


Experts in Hydraulic Cylinder Design and Repairs

Fixing a leak in a hydraulic cylinder is a complicated and technical task. For best results, contact the experts at H.E.M.E and let a team of specialists handle the repairs for you. 


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