Conveyor Pulley Material on Performance and Durability

The Impact of Conveyor Pulley Material on Performance and Durability

High-quality conveyor pulley systems are one of the most important parts of a successful mining site. These units are the backbone of mining operations and require precision engineering to withstand the wear and tear that is to be expected on any Australian mining site. Even though these products are made to withstand industrial conditions, their performance and durability is dependent on the material used to coat them. In this article, H.E.M.E explores some common types of conveyor pulleys. 

What are Conveyor Pulleys? 

A conveyor pulley is an industrial grade mechanical device that plays a critical part in the functioning of a conveyor system. It enables the system to perform important functions such as driving the conveyor belt, maintaining the tension of the belt and changing its direction. These are high-quality components that can be customised and altered to suit the exact environment that they will operate in. 

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Conveyor Pulley Materials

The durability and performance of a conveyor pulley is highly dependent on the material that is used to coat it. This process of bonding a layer of material to the shell; this is called ‘lagging’. The two types of lagging are called ‘cold bonding’ and ‘hot vulcanizing’. 

Rubber Cold Bonding

Cold bonding allows technicians to perform repairs without having to remove the pulley from the system. However, the process does have its shortcomings; cold bond lagging is known for having a shorter life cycle, has a noticeably higher potential for failure during operation and can lead to pulley shell corrosion.

Polyurethane Lagging 

This material tends to experience less damage due to the low friction coefficient. Polyurethane lagging is expensive and difficult to repair, but lasts for about five years before requiring refurbishing. It is most commonly used on bend and non-drive pulleys. 

Ceramic Lagging 

Ceramic lagging is highly resistant to friction, so it can handle difficult materials while improving traction. The type of lagging has a longer service life which reduces maintenance costs significantly. 

Conveyor Pulley Engineering Equipment in Emerald

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