QDS Implements in mining

Over the years, H.E.M.E. in Emerald has become a trusted partner for some of the largest mining companies in Australia. During our years of service, we have gained comprehensive knowledge in the mining industry, which makes us credible experts in the field.


Here at H.E.M.E. in Emerald, we understand the crucial role that quick detach systems play in the mining industry. Below, our team of experts has put together a quick refresher explaining QDS is and their importance within the mining industry.


What are quick detach systems?

As the name suggests, Quick Detach Systems (QDS) involve mining tools and equipment that can be easily attached, removed and assembled depending on how they can be used for a given purpose. QDS typically involves most of the essential tools and equipment used in mining including the mining forks, augers, duckbill pods, buckets, cable reelers and rollers.


The importance of quick detach systems in mining

Providing a high degree of flexibility, quick detach systems contribute greatly to work efficiency in the mining industry. With quick detach systems, mining machinery can work through complex underground tasks with ease.


Reelers and rollers are essential for cables and conveyor belts to handle underground mining activities under extreme conditions. More so, cable reelers are significant for conveyor belts and pulleys to reach valuable underground minerals and supplies. Hence, highly in-demand QDS machinery such as these should be kept in tip-top condition for the best possible results when contributing to mining projects.



How h.e.m.e emerald can help

Overtime, quick detach systems and their attachments can show evident signs of wear and tear. To keep all the systems running safely and to site compliance for your mining business, they should be regularly maintained and checked to enable them to last longer under harsh mining conditions.


If you need help with mining maintenance and repairs, then you should make H.E.M.E. in Emerald your top choice. Dedicated to offering our clients the best service, we take pride in investing in state-of-the-art machinery perfect to suit all your mining maintenance and repairs requirements. For all your quick detach systems and attachments repairs and maintenance compliance needs, H.E.M.E. in Emerald is the best solution.


For enquiries about QDS repairs and maintenance and the other services that we offer, you can get in touch with our friendly team in Emerald on 07 4982 3001 today or learn more about our services here.