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Top 10 Causes of Hydraulic Cylinder Failures Queensland

Here’s a list of the top 10 causes for hydraulic cylinder failures, put together by H.E.M.E in Central Highlands. Contact us if you need repairs, maintenance or a whole new hydraulic cylinder.


1. Leaking Seals

The incorrect fitting of seals on agricultural machinery can cause seal leakage. The oil might also be the cause of this problem, so regular oil checks will prevent you from needing hydraulic cylinder repair. 


2. Scored Piston Rods

A scored piston rod can be caused by oil contamination, causing the hydraulic cylinders of earth moving equipment and other agricultural machinery to fail. This can be fixed by checking and replacing the gland bearing.


3. Scored Cylinder Bore

Contaminated oil can score the cylinder bore. The hydraulic cylinder design of most machinery means that if a scored cylinder bore causes the pistol head bearing to fail, the hydraulics system will need to be flushed out.


4. Corroded Internal Barrier

Water in the oil is most often the cause of an internally corroded barrier. In this case, the oil will need to be changed and hydraulic cylinder repair will be required to protect the cylinder from water. 


5. Pitting Piston Rod

The primary reason for a piston rod pitting is corrosion, which is due to improper fitting of the cylinder. The solution is protecting the cylinder from further water damage.


6. Gland Outer Diameter Leakage

Leaking around the gland outer diameter is caused by o-ring failure or a cracked gland. To fix this, the gland will be tested for cracks and the o-ring replaced if needed, 


7. Bent Piston Rod

Bent piston rods on earth moving equipment indicate that the cylinder and piston are overloaded. The piston rod can be replaced or upgraded.


8. Split Weld on Base and Ports

A split weld can be cause by a poor weld failing. Inspection of the hydraulic cylinder design will tell you if it’s been working outside its specification.


9. Broken Eye Bearing

Sudden impact can cause a broken eye bearing. This can be fixed by upgrading to a higher specification. 


10. Worn-out Rod

A rod that is worn on one side indicates a lack of structural support for the load that it is bearing. Have it assessed and upgraded as needed.


H.E.M.E. is your local expert in hydraulic cylinders. To find out why your hydraulic cylinder has failed, or to get a quote for repairs or replacement, contact us online


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